How to become a Successful Social Media Influencer

Social media has become the cornerstone for a new wave of digital entrepreneurs. People cannot go anywhere without being exposed to Social Media and the new way of Marketing. 
Millennials are taking advantage of the giant that Social Media has become and create a massive amounts of money to live the life they have always dreamed of, but it must be used strategically in order to gain maximum impact.

Humans by nature crave to be viewed as authoritative and experts within their fields. The great thing with Social Media these days is that we all have the power to control what other people see or “perceive” about us and our lives on our profiles.  People choose to believe something or go somewhere based on images. You check out holiday destination photo’s or that potential date for Saturday and it shows how important we value Social Media in our decision making. 

If you want to be a successful Social Media Influencer you need a strategy. Below are a couple strategies that you can start using today to start or improve that success strategy.

Create a feed that gives clarity

Statistics show that you have the first 9 – 15 posts on your Social Media to grab the attention of someone and turn them into a follower in your page. These 9 – 15 posts always need to be up to date and immediately reveal your niche, values and beliefs.  

An easy way to create this clarity and consistency on your page is to write a strategy down on what to post and in what order. For example you could divide Instagram in 3 columns and create 3 categories. The first column could be all about your hobbies and interests, the second column could be motivational quotes and the last column could be about your own personal life. 

Create a meaningful Bio

Creating a meaningful bio is crucial for your page as it draws attention and tells a potential follower exactly what your page is about. A vertically aligned bio makes your page look clean and professional. Tell your story and tell them you are a 7-figure income earner! No time to be humble. 

You also don’t have to use your own name in the “name” section to create a great utilised SEO on Instragram. You personal name is already listed behind the @ sign so they know who you are!

Create meaningful and relate-able content

To keep your followers engaged and inspired you need to create meaningful content on your page and post about things that followers can relate to. You don’t always need to be perfect to receive a like or a comment. Being honest, true an open about yourself can create a more meaningful interaction with your followers and they will feel like they know you. This way your followers will be more inclined to follow your advice, buy that new product you promote, visit your business website or follow you on other Social Media.   

Start using these tips and I guarantee you better results.

Last tip – check out famous Social Media Influencers, like Emily Skye, and get inspiration from their page.

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