Key characteristics of Successful Social Influencers

Social Media Marketing success these days is not defined by the number of followers you have but merely by the amount of engagement you have with your public. Social Media is called “Social” for a reason. People are craving social engagement and an easy way is via the online platforms.

As a Social Influencer you require certain characteristics to be successful and I’ll be explaining them here. 


As a Social Media Influencer you require to be unique and provide your followers with authentic content. Authentic and genuine content draws attention from your followers. 
Every post, tweet, blog or story should be unique and should be driven by personal experiences. Engaging and exciting stories will generate more likes, shares and comments that you can react to. 
Creating authentic and personal content also allows for developing a better relationship with your followers. 

2. Relevance

Brands will only work with Social Media Influencers who create relevant content that matches their product. Brand’s messages need to align with your content for it to make sense to followers. 

For example, you should not have a fashion influencer to talk about organic food. Similarly, you should not have a fitness enthusiast to talk about fashion. You should team up with an influencer who can relate to your brand’s personality and niche.

Being able to identify relevant content for your followers is a key for growing your engagement. 

3. Capacity for interaction and communication

The reputed social media influencer would have the capability to enhance communication to the target market. Moreover, the agency is to know how the target market is to be related using their type of language and to provide contents, which are suitable for potential customers of the business.

4. Consistency

A key characteristic for a Social Influencer is to be consistent in posting and engaging on Social Media. If you struggle with consistently posting you can use schedulers like Social Pilot so you can sit down and schedule all your posts ahead and use the rest of the time to engage with your followers. You can sit down on Sunday morning and schedule all your posts for the week. No more stress during the work and you can concentrate on finding new content ideas for the following week!

5. Honesty and Trustworthy

Honesty is key! As an influencer it is okay to show that life is not perfect all the time. Being human and showing emotions will make you trustworthy and followers will be able to relate to you more. 

Be honest about products. Don’t write positive reviews if you don’t like the product. Money is not everything and only posting on brands that you are truly passionate about will have the most effect.

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