8 Ways to make money with Social Media

For many of us,  Social Media is just a hobby to stay in contact with friends and family and get daily inspirations from people we don’t know from all over the world. Others have turned their hobby into a full-time career. It sounds a little bit too good to be true right? 

In this post I’ll tell you about 10 ways to make money using Social Media.

1.Sponsorship’s for Instagram

Brands are always looking for like minded people who have great engagement on Instagram to promote their products. You can get paid by promoting their brands. 

2. Sell your own products via Shopify on your Social Media

Sign up with Shopify and link your Facebook and Instagram account to sell your products on the Social Platforms instead of setting up a whole new Online store.  It is easy to set up. Try the free 14 day trial to see what it can do for you. 

3. Promote your services

If you have services to offer, you can engage with your followers and promote your services. PT’s show their before and after photo’s, they promote their fitness plans and so on. Find what you love and promote it!

4. Affiliate Marketing

It may be that your favourite apps are using affiliate programs. Join as an affiliate and promote those apps and get paid for it in return. You can find out by searching google. Add the app name + Affiliate program. It is easy to sign up and they’ll give you banners and promotion material to make it a succesfull marketing campaign. 

5. Monetize your links

Monetize links that you usually share on social media using linkshrink.net. The payout rates ranges from $0.34 to $5.44 per 1000 views.

6. Sponsored Tweets

For the Twitter fans you can get paid by signing up with Sponsored Tweets.

7. Sell Social Media Pages

If you have a popular social media profile you can sell it to brands that are looking for gaining quick exposure. You can use services like Viralaccounts.com. They buy Facebook Fanpages, Instragram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube accounts. 

8. Facebook Banner advertisement

Monetize your Facebook apps by displaying banner ads on it. It is one of the easiest ways to make money from a Facebook app.

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